Sunday & Tuesday Worship

June 6, 2021: “National Hunger Awareness Day” & “Yo-Yo Day”
     The Sacrament of Holy Communion will be shared at an Open Table Where All Are Welcome.
     8:30 am “No Tech” Worship in Lawson City Park downtown in or near gazebo.
Forecast is around 72 degrees.
     10 am Sunday Worship Options:
Sanctuary, Zoom, Facebook Live, Phone.
     A sealed container of grape juice and wafer will be provided for those who gather for Worship in the sanctuary and in the park.

     Those who gather for Worship on Facebook & Zoom & Phone are invited to participate with a carbohydrate and non-alcoholic liquid while at home. Bread and grape juice are preferred, but whatever is already on hand will be fine—perhaps cookies and milk, chips and soda, crackers and orange juice.
     The Sacrament of Holy Communion will be shared toward the beginning of Worship. 
To participate via Zoom or Phone, email to receive details.
Find Video of Portion of Worship Later
June 8, 2021:
     7 pm “Tuesday Worship Express”–Online Only via Facebook Live
–with Meredith Tucker, youth director, providing message on one of The Fruit of The Spirit.
     Find Video of Portion of Worship Later:

        “Tuesday Worship Express”–in 20 minutes or less, is a weekly service that seeks to provide an alternative for those with schedules that make it difficult to participate in Worship on Sundays, for those who are not morning people, for those who find a brief Worship experience helpful, and for those who desire an additional opportunity for Worship toward the middle of the week.

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